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A phenomenon like a thorn can bring a lot of inconvenience and suffering. Aesthetically unattractive, it interferes with walking, causing pain.

Thorns are a type of plantar warts. Is a clear outline of painful areas due to hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin). It has the appearance of a small protrusion resembling a small nodule or papilla. It can be disguised as a normal callus and look like keratinized skin. It differs from corns by filamentous growths of dark color.

Embedded deep into the skin, like a nail, injures the nerve endings, causing pain. As a result of constant pressure or friction on the surface of the spike, cracks can appear, which become inflamed and infected. This can cause various infectious diseases, phlegmon and erysipelas. The location is usually on the toes, heels and palms.

A characteristic feature is the ability to germinate in the deeper layers of the skin. There are single germination and multiple. Strongly oppressed, then darkens and becomes rough. When deeply inserted, it has a crater-like depression in the center of the body.

Do not try to cut the wart yourself. By cutting off the top of one, you can provoke the formation of an entire family. Often the spines are arranged in groups, among which one large stands out. Usually, when it is removed, the daughter formations also disappear.

The main reason for the appearance of urticaria is considered to be the activity of the first and fourth types of human papillomavirus. The wart itself is a benign neoplasm of a viral nature, which is based on the intensive proliferation of cells in the upper layers of the skin. Infection can occur through contact with a carrier of the active papilloma virus or objects used by the patient. The incubation period is approximately two months. We all have this virus, but most of it is dormant.

Many factors can provoke its awakening and cause activation, which leads to active tissue growth. stress, mental and physical trauma; weakened immunity;

climate change

increased sweating and excess weight

uncomfortable narrow shoes with hard details, high heels

incorrectly placed gait and curvature of the legs

the presence of vascular diseases

insufficient hygiene

fungal infectious skin infections

The thorn very often looks like a normal callus, so only a specialist can distinguish it from each other. In the beginning, it is a small shiny bump in the places where the shoes rub, or it may be the adjacent area of skin. Then there is an increase in size, roughness, and the appearance in the thickness of the rough skin of small black dots - clogged capillaries.

When there is a deep germination of the thorn, its roots are fixed on the muscle tissue and get rid of it is not easy. If you do not remove the root, it will literally appear again in a few days, but in the company of their peers. There is pain when walking, sometimes with severe lameness.

The fact is that the nutrients come to it in the same portions as to healthy cells, it actively stimulates its growth. It is difficult to prevent the appearance of thorns. If there is a tendency to do so, it is almost impossible. But following some basic rules will delay or even completely avoid such unpleasant manifestations.

  • follow the basic rules of hygiene
  • • in public places, restrict the touch of common objects;
  • do not walk barefoot in swimming pools and gyms;
  • when walking barefoot and damaging the skin, make a disinfectant treatment in time
  • maintain the correct load balance

There is only one way to get rid of thorns - to get to its root system. Of course, not on their own. By consulting a doctor, you can get comprehensive information on the treatment of external manifestations of the disease or a recommendation for surgical removal. Get a referral to a specialized clinic or on the advice of a doctor to use the services of a reliable beauty salon.

What methods are used in the treatment of urticaria on the foot?

In the arsenal of drugs there are many drugs that can get rid of urticaria in the initial stage of its manifestation - it's gels, ointments and creams, special patches and solutions. But the best drug of its kind is СOLLOMAK. No other treatment is required if you use this drug regularly according to the instructions. The skin will look clean and smooth. COLlOMAKNo other treatment is required if you use this drug regularly according to the instructions. The skin will look clean and smooth.

Importantly Sometimes the accelerated growth of the thorn leads to the formation of a continuous warty surface. Histological examination should be performed immediately to prevent malignant tissue degeneration. May your inner state never depend on external manifestations. Successful treatment!