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With the onset of cold weather, millions of Ukrainians suffer from colds. And, not surprisingly, to protect yourself from the unpleasant symptoms of colds, you need to take care of all parts of the body, including the legs. Now we will analyze the causes of cold symptoms and start with the legs.

One of the problems sweating of the feetor in medical terms hyperhidrosis Excessive sweating of the feet, like other parts of the body, in medicine is called hyperhidrosis. It can be caused by bad shoes, stress, improper foot care, as well as infections and diseases of the endocrine system. Hygiene can save from hyperhidrosis - feet should be washed twice a day. After morning procedures, it is useful to treat the skin with talc and a special deodorant with antifungal action. Hot baths with sage, mint, nettle or decoction of oak bark help with sweating feet. Good for hyperhidrosis and rubbing the foot with an aqueous solution of apple cider vinegar or boric acid powder.

Another common problem is when the feet are coldThe reason may be a violation of capillary circulation or vegetative-vascular dystonia, which is also characterized by lethargy, insomnia, pain in the heart. What shall I do? Train your vessels! Here, as well as at excessive sweating, baths - hot and contrast will help.

Hypothermia and hyperhidrosis are easy ways to catch a cold. And the season is already in full swing. Every year the morbidity curve changes at the same time, only the scale of the epidemic differs. The rise begins in September, the first peak - in early December. By the New Year there is a decline, the next maximum - in February-March. At the end of winter, more than a million Ukrainians suffer from colds, which is four times more than on New Year's holidays. Closer to April, the incidence decreases to the autumn level, and in May-June the epidemic year ends.

Doctors say that a cold starts with the feet. To help them, you need at least two pairs of shoes, preferably made of natural materials.

"Be sure to dry your shoes well when you come for a walk. There should be at least two pairs of shoes if you can't dry. Shoes should be leather or rubber with impregnation. The gasket should be made of felt or wool. This is especially true for children, "said general practitioner Larisa Alekseeva.

Even if you don't have the money for two pairs of expensive leather shoes, that doesn't mean you're doomed to walk with sweaty feet and get sick all the time. «"If you have symptoms of a mild cold, then, returning home, take off your shoes, socks, tights or stockings and walk barefoot on the carpet,"», - advises a hygienist. - «"This is not only relaxation for the feet, but above all a massage of all points of the foot, many of which are responsible for the condition of the nasopharynx."».