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According to the decision of the State Commission for Energy and Emergency Situations, it was decided to set from 00 o'clock. 00 minutes September 23, 2021 "yellow" level of epidemic danger of the spread of COVID-19 in all regions of Ukraine.

«Following the meeting, the State Commission for Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies decided to introduce from 00:00 on September 23, 2021 a "yellow" level of epidemiological danger of the spread of COVID-19 in all regions of Ukraine, as well as the use of restrictive anti-epidemic in all regions measures related to the "yellow" level of epidemiological danger,»the report said.

Shmygal said that the epidemiological situation in the country is rapidly deteriorating, so the duty of the state is to protect human life and health. At the same time, he stressed that vaccination is currently the most effective way to combat COVID-19, and the state has made it possible for anyone to get vaccinated for free.

As of September 23, restrictions are in place across the country in accordance with the "yellow" level of quarantine.

  1. It is forbidden to hold mass events with the participation of more than one person per 4 square meters. meters of area or occupancy of more than two thirds of seats in each room;
  2. No more than 4 people at the table in a catering establishment, and the distance between the tables - at least 1.5 meters;
  3. Cinemas and other cultural institutions will operate with halls less than two-thirds of the seats or 50% of the seats in each hall;
  4. . Gyms and fitness centers will work only if the number of visitors is limited per person per 10 square meters. meters of area, etc.


Schmygal said that the Cabinet of Ministers, by amending its resolution on restrictions on COVID-19, also relaxed restrictive measures and allowed economic and educational institutions to operate even in the "red" zone, but under certain conditions.

«Restrictions in the "yellow" and "red" zones will not apply to facilities where staff and visitors are vaccinated, have a negative test or confirmation of a recent illness. This is a method that is successfully used today by a number of countries in Europe and around the world to save people and not stop the country's economic activity,» he said.

The Ministry of Health and the National Health Service have developed two versions of the internal COVID certificates in Action - "yellow" and "green". They operate under new quarantine restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The government has already approved amendments to Resolution 1236, which came into force on 20 September. постанови № 1236The approved changes stipulate that the COVID certificate will have two options (so-called “yellow” or “green”) and will contain information about vaccination, a negative test result (valid for 72 hours) or recovery from COVID-19. The so-called "yellow" certificate will have information about the first vaccination, and the "green" - about the full course.