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By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 28, 2021 No. 797 amendments are made to the annex to the Procedure for the formation and use of a certificate confirming vaccination against acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, a negative test result or the recovery of a person of this disease (hereinafter - Procedure), approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 29, 2021 No. 677.

Thus, the amendments specify that during the formation of certificates not transliteration will take place, but a comparison of the letters of the Ukrainian alphabet with the Latin alphabet. For this, the Appendix of the Procedure has been supplemented with table 2 "Comparison of Cyrillic and Latin letters used in the formation of COVID certificates."

It is noted that in cases where these algorithms did not contribute to the transfer of data necessary for the formation of a COVID certificate, then a series search is used in the table of comparison of vaccine series from COVID-19, which will be updated by the administrator of the central database.

Also, if there are several COVID-19 vaccination records in the central database about one person, in which the numbering of COVID-19 vaccination doses is incorrectly indicated, then table 3 “Minimum and maximum periods between vaccination stages, which will form a full cycle, for use in the algorithm for checking the compliance of vaccination records (vaccinations, immunizations) available in the central database, confirming the fact of a full cycle of vaccination against COVID-19."
Regarding these terms, Table 3 provides that the maximum period between the first and second dose for vaccines used in Ukraine is 180 days, except for the CHADOX1 NCOV-19 CORONA VIRUS (recombinant) vaccine, COVISHELD, since only one dose of vaccine is needed to complete the immunization cycle ...

From what date the COVID certificate comes into force, for all vaccines this comes from the date of administration of the second dose, except for the CHADOX1 NCOV-19 CORONA VIRUS vaccine, the certificate from which comes into force 14 days after vaccination.

Source "Apteka.ua", "Weekly APTEKA"